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Korongata Whanau Hui

7 November 2020

7 November 2020

A whānau hui was held to keep everyone updated.  

Summary of kaupapa discussed -

  • Introduction of Strategic Pou and Trustees responsibilities: The trustees have been allocated portfolios that link to a strategic pou as outlined in our Strategic Plan. The pou and trustees were introduced. For more information or if you have a paatai in any of these strategic areas, you can communicate through those trustees who will bring that kōrero to their monthly meetings. 

  • Wharenui - Nukanoa: The wharenui will be shored up as a temporary measure to hold Korongata Marae whānau tangihanga only. Professor Regan Potangaroa of Victoria University has been engaged to lead this mahi in the next two months. We need to pull together builders, man power, at least 4-5 people who can assist in this one day project. Please let Ruth Wong know if you are available to help.   

  • Cleaning Groups: Cleaning the marae when not in use, is now the responsibility of everyone. Then ten blocks are the cleaning groups which is led by the Trustees who have chosen one month per year where your group is required to clean the marae. Click the button to see duties and a cleaning schedule. Contact your trustee to volunteer your support. 

  • Safety on the Whenua: It has been more noticed that children and some adults are riding their motorbikes and other motor vehicles through the marae whenua. This is dangerous and it is also creating holes in the ground causing our mower to break, evidently for this purpose we have sold our tractor and have a commercial mowing company maintaining our lawns. Please talk to your children about this safety issue.  

  • Marae Charter Review: At our AGM held in June this year, the Trustees promised to have a hui with the whānau before the end of the year regarding the request to review the charter. This is work in progress and the trustees have been communicating with MLC and legal representatives for advice. A great discussion was had that identified the need for more robust work. If you are interested in being part of this kaupapa, please contact us and I will put you in touch with the Trustees over this pou.  

  • Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust Constitutional Review: The HTST is undergoing a review of their Constitution. The review team Dr James Graham, legal advisor Baden Vertongen with administrator Joanne Heperi were present and facilitated a discussion of what we would like to see in the new constitution. James gave a very brief overview. Whānau gave feedback, but were also unaware of what HTST is all about and the need for the constitution etc. Feedback was recorded and will be taken into consideration. To link to the HTST Constitutional Review page.




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