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Chairman's Message

Message from the Chair

(August 2020)

Kia ora Whānau


We held our first hui as the new Trustees Committee on Saturday, the 1st of August 2020. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other as well as gain a better understanding of the marae and community environment we are stepping into as a new committee. We were able to make a start on critical roles and functions, and a plan for the next four weeks, which included the following:

  • I was elected as the chair along with Laura Kele as the deputy chair. Trustees who showed interest in the roles left the room while the remaining trustees voted on the two positions.

  • We decided that the Trustee and Marae Committees will hold joint monthly meetings to improve the flow and timeliness of communication between the two groups. The executive will represent the Marae Committee at these meetings. We will continue to evolve what this combined forum looks like over the next few months.

  • To this end, Ruth Wong has agreed to take on the role of Secretary for the joint committee meetings. We acknowledge the ad-hoc tasks she has completed over the past few years.

  • We agreed to improve the flow of communication with those who represent Korongata on different community forums so they can better advocate for the marae and keep our marae informed about what’s happening. We acknowledge Laura Kele, Christine Tamati, Joella Brown, and Alayna Watene for the work they are currently doing on our behalf.

  • We discussed the review of the marae charter and developed an outline of a plan going forward. The first step is to contact The Maori Land Court to ensure that they’re part of the process. Despite the tight timeframe, we’re determined to uphold the resolution passed at our recent AGM to convene a hui-a-whānau to review the charter, make the recommended updates, and report back to a special general meeting before Christmas. Watch out for email notices and website updates so you can be involved.

  • At our September committees meeting, we will review, develop, and refresh plans for all current marae projects, including buildings, pending applications, representation on external forums, and our strategic plan.

  • We intend to keep you well informed as a whanau and welcome your feedback via my contact details listed below. If it’s something that should be raised at the trustee/marae committee meetings, it would be helpful to receive that request at least two weeks before the end of the month to make the agenda.

We’re looking forward to a prosperous future for our whānau, marae, and hapū.

Naku noa na

Traci Tuimaseve

Chair, Korongata Trustees Committee

M: 027 3588246


New Board 2020.jpg

The Korongata Marae Trustees - Picture taken on 1 August 2020 at their first hui, Matariki - Te Wharekai o Korongata Marae. Pictured from left to right: Alieta Uelese, Duayne Davies, Alayna Watene, Logan Johnston, Iraani Vlassoff, Traci Tuimaseve, Terri Crawford, Kevin Tamati, Laura Kele, and Templey Armitage. 

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