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Add your comments for the future of the Nukanoa Wharenui
Please choose one of the following options:

Thank you for voting. The Marae Trustees will discuss the feedback at their next hui on Friday 5 October, and will inform the whanau of the next steps.

Background information:


On the 27th of July, 2018, the Nukanoa wharenui was indefinitely closed, being unfit for purpose for health & safety reasons.


A hui-a-hapu was held on the 4th of August to inform the whanau about the closure. It was agreed that a wananga  be held to coincide with the AGM to allow whanau to gather together and korero about this kaupapa.

It was decided at the wananga, on Saturday 22 September, that whanau would choose one of the two options, by selecting online. The options are [1] to keep and repair the Nukanoa wharenui or [2] to demolish and build a new wharenui.

Please complete and submit the form to the left to have your say. You may also leave comments before you submit.

If you want to know more, please check the notes of the hui that has got us to this point. Marae Hui Notes 

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