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Our Trustees

The Korongata Marae Board of Trustees

The Trustees were elected at the Korongata Marae Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 27 June 2020


Korongata 2B1 Kevin Tamati

Korongata 2B2 Duyane Davies

Korongata 2B3 Laura Kele (Deputy Chairperson)

Korongata 2B4 Alieta Uelese

Korongata 1A  Alayna Watene

Korongata 1B  Terri Ripeka Crawford

Korongata 1C  Logan Johnston

Korongata 2A  Iraani Vlassoff

Te Awa o Te Atua 7B2C Templey Armitage

Te Awa o Te Atua No. 7A Traci Tuimaseve  ​(Chairperson)








New Board 2020.jpg

The Korongata Marae Trustees - Picture taken on 1 August 2020 at their first hui, Matariki - Te Wharekai o Korongata Marae. Pictured from left to right: Alieta Uelese, Duayne Davies, Alayna Watene, Logan Johnston, Iraani Vlassoff, Traci Tuimaseve, Terri Crawford, Kevin Tamati, Laura Kele, and Templey Armitage. 

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Click here to view the kawa of Trustees - set at their first hui. 

Marae Committee

The Marae Committee is made up of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Online Booking Officer, Communications person, the marae kaitiaki or key holders who greet manuhiri. The Committee can be made up of as many people who are interested to support the marae, however the following specific roles are crucial to ensure the marae functions well. 

  • Chairperson: Position vacant 

  • Treasurer & Key Holder: Michelle Ferris

  • Secretary : Ruth Wong

  • Marae Booking & Key holder: Ruth Wong

  • Communications: Ruth Wong

  • Marae manuhiri support & Key Holder: Shona Chadwick

  • Caretaker / Maintenance: Position vacant

Marae Trustees

Effective Governance is vital for the well-being, development and sustainability of our Marae.  Our Charter for Korongata Marae outlines and describes the management of our Marae.

In accordance with the Charter, Trustees are elected and appointed and form the Board of Trustees. As per the Charter, Marae Trustees have great responsibilities that include but are not limited to:


 - Safeguard our taonga and ensure that tikanga is observed at all times.


- Being responsible for the efficient an effective running of the Marae.


- Attend meetings called by the Chairperson or ensure to tender their apologies to the Secretary prior to the meeting

- Authorise activities on the Marae in accordance with Regulations of the Maori Reservations Regulations 1994.

- Oversee the application of funding for the betterment of the Marae.

- Oversee special projects

- Receive Korongata Marae representation reports and communicate with the whānau.

Read the Charter to find out more about  the Korongata Marae Trustees appointment process.


Each of the Trustees are linked to one or more of the 5 pou within the Korongata Marae Strategic Plan and all reporting is through these portfolio holders at their Trustee hui.


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